Physiotherapy treatment is an integral part of Orthopaedic treatment. It involves mobilization of the stiff joints as well as muscles and ligaments so that the natural movement of the patient returns after surgery or plastering. Some times after some diseases, these movements get restricted . We have dedicated physiotherapy department, with all the latest gadgets of physiotherapy like

Electronic Tractions, Nerve stimulators, TENS, Ultrasonic sittings, SWD Machines, Shoulder wheels, Hand physiotherapy equipments, walking aids, among others. Our dedicated team of Physiotherapists is available all throughout the day and for indoor physiotherapy sittings also. It proves a great adjunct to our treatment and ultimate results of our treatment.

Physiotherapy Specialist in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai

Dr. Bini Arun

She is specialised in NPD (Physiotherapy in Neurological & Psychosomatic Disorders) with extensive experience in treating patients with Musculoskeletal, Neurological, and Paediatric disorders. She also has experience in mentoring and teaching students of BPTh. She is also certified Child Birth Educator and has experience in conducting Pregnancy Fitness Classes. She is also a certified Manual Therapist with knowledge of various hands-on mobilization techniques. She has conducted several physiotherapy camps and participated in campaigns such as breast cancer pink ribbon movement, AIDS awareness etc. She is also Member of IAP (Indian Association of Physiotherapists) and MOTPT (Maharashtra Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy) council. Beyond that she is been liked by her patients for her compassionate approach and Professionalism

Physiotherapy in Kamothe