At Purohit Hospital, Kamothe we identify and treat children right from birth to adolescent stage.A child’s learning and growth are dependent on healthy vision. Your children should undergo routine eye checkups regardless of whether they exhibit any symptoms. Ideally the first eye check up should be done soon after birth, then at the age of 3 years and then annually (every year) thereafter.

  • Paediatric refraction and glasses correction:  A detailed evaluation after using appropriate eyedrops is done at our hospital. Timely prescription of glasses is essential for vision development.
  • Squint is a common condition encountered in children. Untreated squints may impair vision quality and can create negative psychosocial impact. We treat squints with exercises, glasses, surgery as per clinical scenario.
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) management with new techniques as well as conventional techniques of patching is done with great success.

Signs your child needs an eye examination:

  • White eye reflex
  • Squinting of eyes
  • Head tilt
  • Watering of eyes
  • Rubbing of eyes
  • Frequent blinking of eyes
  • Poor performance at school
  • Seated too close to the screen (television) or handheld screens held too close to the eyes.

Regular eye check ups go a long way in aiding the visual as well as overall development in children.