Covid and Dry Eyes

Now that we are facing second wave and might witness a third wave, everytime we read an article or a news about covid, we feel scared. Isn’t it? And after reading the title you might be worried about what could be possible relation between covid and dry eye? Let me clear your confusion.

There are many ways in which dry eye and covid is related to each other. The relations are ;

Dry eye: a possible symptom of Covid

Though most of the common symptoms of Covid includes cold, dry cough, fever, headaches and tiredness, there is yet another symptom which is not very common like fever and dry cough. This symptom is dry eye. Dry eye means a condition of an eye where it is unable to produce enough tears. Less than 5 % of people suffering from covid have shown symptoms of dry eye. If you’re suffering from dry eye that doesn’t mean you are covid positive. But if you have any other symptom like headache, fever, dry cough etc. along with dry eye then it might be due to coronavirus. But if not coronavirus then can simply be dry eye syndrome or the reason might be something else. Consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Can wearing mask cause dry eye?

Wearing masks have become a new normal for all. This new normal might not be normal for your eyes. Studies suggests that wearing masks might contribute to dry eyes. If a mask does not fit properly or shifts out of place, it could allow the air that a person breathes out to circulate around their eyes. This can lead to a faster evaporation of tears, leading to dry eyes.

Not only this, but our increased screen timings is also a cause of worry. Most of us know that the blinking at normal rate is good for our eyes. While watching TV or using mobile phones we often freeze and forget to blink for minutes. This reduced ability to blink also result in quicker evaporation of tears.

How is pandemic affecting your eyes ?

Dry eye being a symptom of Covid is something that some people have already experienced. But there is yet another relation which is still new and not many people know about it. Covid is affecting your eyes and is especially not good for those who are already suffering from dry eye syndrome. Why and how?

When we all our stuck in our homes and are not allowed to travel and work freely, this is a problematic situation for dry eye patients. Dry eye occurs when your eyes do not get enough moisture. Staying home means less access to outdoor moisture and humidity. Low humidity means a higher evaporation of tears from the ocular surface, which in turn leads to more flare ups of dry eye disease.

Positive impact

Saying that there are some positive impact of Covid might seem ironical. But yes covid, to be more accurate lockdown and barriers on moving freely have made a positive impact on your eyes. Since all the restaurants and shops were closed, you had no other option but to eat homemade and healthy food and avoid all kind of junk food. It helped your eyes in a positive manner.

What preventive steps can be taken ?

  • Use perfectly fitting mask and wear it properly.
  • Blink often while using devices.
  • Fix your laptop or computer position.
  • Eat healthy and take covid precautions.
  • Try to sit in the place with moisture or exposure.

After all these prevention if you still face discomfort and feel your eyes require doctor’s care and treatment then Purohit Eye hospital is always there to provide you with the best eye care and treatment.