Relation of COVID and Eyes

Relation of COVID and Eyes

Does covid 19 affect our vision?

Being tested positive for coronavirus brings a lot of health problems. One such problem is eye diseases. A very less number of people witnessed eye related problem as a covid symptom. Some people observed sore eyes or itchy eyes as new symptom. But these were normal symptoms not necessarily chronic eye diseases. 1% of the total covid patients observed that when they tested positive for coronavirus, they had dry eye. Further, 1-3 % of Covid patients get conjunctivitis (virus infecting tissue called conjunctiva). There are rare chances of developing eye diseases like dry eye, mucormycosis or conjunctivitis but the chances are still not zero. So it is better to take good care of your eyes.

How is pandemic affecting our eye health?

Pandemic life is affecting our eye health in major terms. Be it negative or positive but it is affecting our eye health.

Negative impact

  • Less exposure :- Due to pandemic, people are locked up in their homes, especially the old age people. Even after unlocking, children do not want their old parents to go out and get exposed to coronavirus. Which ultimately leads to less exposure to their eyes as well. They become more prone to dry eyes.
  • Masks :-  Wearing masks in inappropriate manner is also harmful to your eyes. When you do not wear mask of your accurate size, there are chances that improper fitting masks may allow the air that a person breathes out to circulate around their eyes. This leads to quicker evaporation of tears leading to dry eye. Hence a mask which fits you.
  • Eye strain :- Covid brought in a big change worldwide by bringing all the jobs online. Be it studies or be it job every discussion takes place through digital platforms. But with this digitalization comes big eye problems. Cases of digital eye strain are rapidly increasing.
  • Irregular eye check ups :- Routine eye check ups are very crucial part of eye well being. Taking routine eye exams helps in detecting diseases in the early stage. Due to pandemic people are very much worried that they avoid going out. As a result, they are ignoring their eye health and thus affecting their eyes.

Positive impacts

  • Away from infections and allergies :- Staying home means staying away from dust and allergies. When you are staying indoors, you are less exposed to dust and foreign objects that can result in infections, allergies or any other eye diseases.
  • Eye incidents :- The number of eye injury incidents are also reduced. Staying home also protects your from injuries that you get while going out for work.

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